I have been deploying a multi product System Center deployment for a large client recently. I have deployed Operations Manager 2012 SP1 and Service Manager 2012 SP1 both running the latest Cumulative Update (CU2). Everything is working perfectly in both deployments, I have deployed some basic Management Packs (Core OS, etc) to SCOM and it is unnervingly quiet. So I started to deploy some further Management Packs, these being the System Center ones and more specifically the SCSM 2012 and SCCM 2012 ones. Now my problems started…….. partly due to my own stupidity. I began to get the following error logged every day.[error]Service Manager 2012 Data Warehouse High Watermark Monitor Context details: Value of 412 is not higher than 412[/error]I had imported the management pack from the online catalogue so I did not have the readme document so I had assumed that it worked the same as the 2010 version. So off I went and downloaded the readme and started reading…….First off you must do agentless monitoring of all Management and Data Warehouse servers as the underlying SCOM Agent that SCSM uses for its own processes is still based on SCOM 2007 R2 (If you didn’t know, SCSM is built from a SCOM base and then heavily customised) and although compatible you don’t get all the required functionality. Secondly we must have a User Account specified in the Service Manager 2012 Database Account Profile, that has Read Access to the various Databases, access to a few registry keys (ie Local Admin on the Management and Data Warehouse Servers) and be a SCSM/SCSM DW Administrator. I had created the required user and put it in the profile however even with my Agentless monitoring I was still getting the error every night. To fix the issue I changed the user to be the account I was using as the SCSM Data Access account within SCSM, issue fixed, I have not had any reoccurrence of the error for over a week. Lets recap what we need to do to over come the ‘Service Manager 2012 Data Warehouse High Watermark Monitor’ error :1. Agentless monitoring of all Management and Data Warehouse servers2. Use the same account you use for the SCSM Data Access Account for the Service Manager 2012 Database Account Profile in SCOM. UPDATE With Service Manager 2012 SP1 and the updated management pack you can now revert back to using agent based monitoring. Do not push out a SCOM 2012 agent but use the inbuilt SCOM 2007 R2 agent that is un-configured using the Control Panel Agent.