Whilst deploying a SCOM 2012 for a customer recently using the new 2012 media with SP1 integrated I got this strange error message.

I delved into the installation log and the following error was logged[error]CREATE FILE encountered operating system error 5(Access is denied.) while attempting to open or create the physical file ‘D:\SCOM\.mdf’[/error]This was a little strange as I had correctly specified everything in the installer correctly but the database name was missing. This appears to be a bug in the installer where it does not correctly take the database name specified in the installer to create a file name and path in the SQL script that is run. Hence in my situation the installer was trying to create a file D:\SCOM\.mdf instead of D:\SCOM\OperationsManagerDW.mdf.There is quite a simple way around this, enter the database name you want in the path boxes in the installer.

When the installer runs through this time everything is created without issue.