I have been pulling some licensing quotes together over the last few days for a customer and the LAR I deal with suggested that I look at using some Office 365 Licensing so as to cover the Office and CAL requirements. OK I thought but the customer uses RDS which last time I looked meant no Office Pro Plus from the Office 365 Licensing, so I did some digging. Well when I say digging, I did a little Googling and found many conflicting reports so I spoke to a highly knowledgeable guy at our LAR who while I had got him on the phone, dispelled a few other myths I had heard lately. Myth 1 – You can/cannot use Office 365 Licensing to cover Office Pro Plus in an RDS environment Well before 14th March the answer was no but after that date it is a yes with a BUT…..The Office 365 Licensing must be purchased on a Volume Licensing Agreement not from the Microsoft site directly. The latest version of Office Pro Plus must be deployed, you get a small amount of grace to upgrade but there are definitely no downgrade rights. Myth 2 – If you have Office 365 Licensing you are covered for the CALs to use on premise servers Well once again this is sort of correct, you are covered for Lync, SharePoint and Exchange user CALs to use against any on premise servers. You will need to purchase through some other means the required Windows CALs at a minimum along with any other CALs for servers you maybe running (ie SQL, RDS, etc.).The level of functionality, Standard or Enterprise CAL, for Lync, SharePoint or Exchange is determined by the functionality you purchase in your Office 365 Licensing (ie K, M, E plans, etc.), the Service Descriptions for the plan you purchase needs to be checked. Once again the version of CALs that are included are only the latest version, no downgrade rights are provided, the only exception to this is Lync which will allow using Lync 2010 servers. Myth 3 – If you purchase Office 365 Licensing you are covered for servers on premise This is completely incorrect, Microsoft will not give you any server licenses for free. If you are going to migrate to Office 365 you will either need to purchase the server licenses or take advantage of trail licenses to get you there. If you are going to run any sort of hybrid you will need to purchase the required server licenses through some other method like, volume, retail, etc. Myth 4 – If you purchase Intune you can use the Windows license in a VDI solution Well I always thought this was untrue but apparently not. If you purchase Intune you will be covered to use it in a VDI solution however you must have a qualifying upgradeable OS already. I hope this has cleared up a few misconceptions or confirmed what you already thought but if you do have any further questions drop me a comment and if I don’t know, i’ll put it to the man who knows.