A team built from experience

Trust in the MSV team

The MSV team is made up of highly skilled individuals, who work to make sense of the complex world of IT so that businesses of all sizes can harness technological capabilities to enhance their business, aid scalable growth and streamline processes. The team is led by four accomplished IT experts that architect bespoke solutions efficiently, affordably and quickly.

Trust in MSV to ensure it’s business as usual on time and on budget.

Matt Davies

Matt sits in the captain’s chair, plotting the course to drive the business forward.

Matt loves the freedom and flexibility achieved by being part of the MSV leadership team and enjoys talking to clients about ways technology can improve and secure their business. You’ll find Matt defining solutions to business problems using established and cutting edge technology and mentoring the team to deliver the projects.

Pet Hate: Americanisms

Guilty Pleasure: Cole Porter

First Piece of Tech: Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Neil Phillips

Neil is a high-level technical consultant who makes stuff happen by aligning client requirements and technical solutions.

A working day for Neil includes designing, implementing and configuring technical architectures and assisting with advanced technical managed service queries. He sees MSV as a close-knit group of technically skilled people – a family.

Pet Hate: people talking with their mouths full

Guilty Pleasure: Milkybar buttons

First Piece of Tech: Intel 486 CPU (a whopping 50Mhz)

Virtual Reality Stage Name: The App-Packager

Chris Ross
Service Desk Team Leader

Pet Hate: Books that use the movie poster as the cover

Guilty Pleasure: World of Warcraft

1st Piece of Tech: Amiga 600

VR Stage Name: Hugh Mungus

Steve Drew
Senior Technical Consultant

Pet Hate – Txt Speak

Guilty Pleasure – Alabama 3

1st Piece of Tech – 8086 PC

VR Stage Name – Ninja

Dean Clarke
Sales Manager