Hi All,I’ve been doing quite a lot of lab work on Azure with Lync 2013 recently (even though it isn’t officially supported) and ran into this error this morning.I was trying to add resiliency to a Standard Edition pool, which required amending the SQL Express database on my backup pool server.No matter how many times I ran through the deployment wizard it continuously failed with the following error message:-

Alter failed for Server ‘ServerName\Lynclocal

Going through the Lync Deployment Log file didn’t exactly provide any better information either.

Turns out that I was frequently reconfiguring the virtual servers to use less and less resources (as better specced VMs cost more to run) and I had inadvertently dropped below the minimum hardware level required for Lync! Lync 2013 is a bit of a beast and Standard Edition servers require 32GB of RAM (see http://bit.ly/1lpbhar for full requirements)


From what I have found, Lync 2013 doesn’t check these requirements for all changes to configuration (I’m running my Standard Edition server with only 7GB of RAM and it’s quite happy – it is a lab environment after all). Obviously I would never recommend this for production!

Temporarily increase the resources assigned to the server, re-run the deployment wizard and then drop the resources back down again.

Hope this helps others who experience similar issues as the log files and error messages are lacking.