Hi All,I was on client site recently and the question was asked – How do you get rid of the Software Center shortcut from the Start Menu? My general rule of thumb would be to leave Software Center there as it is a useful tool to have, particularly when checking the status of applications.However, there are legitimate reasons why it may need to be removed. Think about users that are logging on to RDS Session Hosts or Citrix servers – ideally you want to keep the start menu as clean as possible.Before you go and start deleting shortcuts, there is a far simpler way to remove it. Solution: –Run the CCMSetup installer with the ExcludeFeatures switch.

CCMSetup.exe /ExcludeFeatures:ClientUI

 Currently, the UI (or Software Center) is the only feature that can be excluded using this method, but more may be introduced in the future! More information as well as a list of all CCMSetup switches can be found here –  Hope this helps those who require this removal. Neil