Hi All,I was working on a Remote Desktop Services deployment on Server 2012 R2 earlier this month and hit a snag. The client site I was working on had a disjointed namespace (.local internally and .com externally) which was causing issues. I had secured all of the RDS services with a SAN certificate from a third party CA and thought I was ready to go.When users tried to connect to the RDS environment, internally or externally, they were getting name mismatch errors. This applied to RemoteApps and published desktop connections.The Solution:-

  • Create a new DNS zone, .COM to allow split-brain DNS (so that internal clients can resolve external names internally)
  • Create a relevant DNS entry in the aforementioned zone to point to the RDS environment’s internal IP address
  • Create a relevant DNS entry in external DNS to point to the firewall which is publishing RDS’s external IP address
  • Use the following script to change the FQDN of the RDP files provided by RD Web Access / RemoteApp and Desktop connection feed –

This script was a godsend! Admittedly you could change the FQDN of RDP files and manually save and distribute, but this becomes tiresome very quickly. It also doesn’t allow you to change names from the feed.Hope this helps guys! Neil