When it comes to IT, the motor trade faces a unique set of challenges.

Communication across sites, access to real-time information from manufacturers and the ability to share files securely is important in keeping operations running smoothly and customers satisfied. No wonder, then, that increasing numbers within the industry are choosing to explore IT service management and discovering more about the many benefits of outsourcing.

These businesses are not alone. Recent findings suggest that the global managed services market is expected to grow from around £116.08 billion in 2017 to £196.32 billion by 2022. Here are some reasons why.

A managed IT service cuts costs for the motor trade

Rising costs and poor decisions about investing in systems that are simply not up to the job of supporting the modern motor trade, have certainly given the old-fashioned computer help desk a bad reputation.

Managed IT services offer a cost-effective alternative to the traditional IT department. Instead, clients pay a monthly subscription in return for access to tech expertise at a fraction of the price of older models. At MSV Consultancy, we offer a choice of fixed-cost packages that are budget-friendly and completely transparent. We work with motor trade clients across Wolverhampton and the surrounding areas.

IT service management gives access to the latest IT innovations

Tech is constantly changing, and software innovations offer exciting new opportunities for the motor trade. Cloud computing, for instance, has opened the possibility of remote and flexible working, allowing staff to access data about stock on any connected device, wherever they happen to be.

It’s the job of good IT service management to keep abreast of change and spot the potential for ever more efficient and creative ways to work and communicate effectively. It’s this inbuilt flexibility that puts an outsourced tech provider ahead of a traditional IT department which may be committed to doing things a certain way.

It gives smaller businesses a chance to compete

It used to be the case that only the really big names in the motor trade could afford the expertise offered by an experienced IT consultant. Now, a modern managed IT service gives access to world-class skills and makes this knowledge available to even smaller enterprises – even in Wolverhampton! Which means that those on a more modest budget can afford to think big.

No longer priced out of using cutting-edge tech, small and medium sized firms are closing the gap on the biggest names in the business.

It’s taken the hassle out of tech

Remember the days when it used to be the responsibility of a particular manager or owner to worry about software updates, license agreements and security patches? A managed IT service is designed to take care of all those little tech headaches and keep systems running smoothly in the background, so businesses can get on with what’s important.

As part of our Wolverhampton managed IT services package, MSV Consultancy proactively monitors and updates software, so that tech problems never have to be at the forefront of our clients’ minds. We handle it all.

Peace-of-mind security for the motor trade

Unfortunately, cyber attacks are becoming a very real threat to businesses of all kinds. The motor trade is not immune to the ever-present possibility of data theft and security breaches.

A managed IT service provider offers real peace of mind. In fact, our clients tell us it makes all the difference knowing that there is an expert team on hand to identify where security vulnerabilities might lie, while keeping IT systems updated and protected against threat.

MSV Consultancy is currently offering a no-obligation, free month of managed IT services to motor trade clients in Wolverhampton. If clients then choose to sign up for a 12-month subscription, we are offering a further two months’ free service. To speak to our team about how we can best support your business clickHEREor call0845 241 6370.