Access to managed IT services was once a privilege reserved only for large multinational corporations. Rather than using an onsite support desk, bigger companies have long recognised the benefits of outsourcing to a trusted IT partner to deliver cutting edge software solutions, robust security and the latest innovations in tech.

Now, more and more smaller and medium sized enterprises are waking up to the benefits of outsourced IT provision. Latest statistics suggest that the global managed services market is expected to grow from approx. £116 billion in 2017 to £196 billion by 2022. In fact, the shift to managed IT services is nothing short of a revolution in the business landscape. Here’s why.

Managed IT services are an affordable solution

Spiralling costs and poor investment decisions have given the old-fashioned computer department a bad name. It’s no wonder many small and medium businesses feel unsure and anxious when it comes to tech. Committing to the wrong solution and buying lots of soon-to-be-outdated equipment is no good for the bottom line.

Managed IT services offer an affordable solution for small and medium businesses who don’t want the hassle of hiring extra staff and an on-premises IT team. At MSV Consultancy, we offer a choice of fixed-cost, monthly subscription packages that are budget-friendly and cost-effective. That means no more uncertainty when opening an invoice. Clients know how much they are going to pay, and what they have paid for. It’s all about transparency.

Access to the latest innovations in IT

Tech is a constantly moving field, and with the release of new software comes new opportunities for businesses of every size. This is certainly the case with cloud computing, which has opened the possibility of remote and flexible working in ways that could not have been anticipated a decade ago.

A good managed service provider will stay ahead of change, keeping up-to-date with developments and making appropriate recommendations where necessary. The beauty of outsourcing to a trusted IT partner is the in-built flexibility to scale down or scale up and identify the very best tech solutions to achieve your business goals and objectives.

Levelling the playing field

Gone are the days when only the big names could afford the skills and knowledge offered by an experienced IT consultant. A modern managed IT service provider connects smaller businesses with IT experts who can answer questions, solve problems and devise a tailored plan of action – all at the fraction of the cost of traditional IT services.

Not to mention access to advanced communications systems, better data storage facilities and the latest backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Indeed, the competitive lead created by the tech infrastructure of larger businesses is narrowing all the time.

Taking the headache out of tech

It used to be the case that the owner of a small or medium business would have to manage updates, license agreements and software patches. Not anymore, and it’s all thanks to the rise of managed IT services.

An outsourced provider should be proactively monitoring and updating software, so that applications run smoothly and seamlessly in the background. It’s a process that frees time and therefore ultimately allows owners to get on with what they do best – running their business.

Improved security

Cyberthreats are becoming ever more sophisticated and unfortunately, stolen data is an in-demand and valuable commodity among criminals. What’s more, small and medium sized businesses are no less vulnerable to data theft and security breaches than larger enterprises.

A managed service provider is there to take care of security concerns, even if your small business has a limited budget. MSV Consultancy offers audits and assessments to identify where security vulnerabilities might lie, while keeping IT systems updated and protected against threat.

MSV Consultancy is currently offering a no-obligation, free month of Managed IT Services to new clients. If clients then choose to sign up for a 12-month subscription, we are offering a further two months’ free service. To speak to our team about how we can best support your business, click HERE or call us on 0845 241 6370.