Be prepared, as the famous Scouting motto declares – a trait that managed IT services can assist. It’s good advice, and one which businesses of all sizes should take heed. Being ready to always expect the unexpected means that organisations which have taken steps to protect themselves will be able to keep running even in the event of a disaster such as fire or loss of data.

A business continuity plan will help to identify potential threats to a company and establish what processes should be put in place to aid recovery if the worst should happen.

So what is the worst that could happen?

For a business with a physical location and which carries stock, the threat of fire or other damage either at company headquarters or further along the supply chain, is an eventuality which has probably already been considered and planned for.

However, there are other, less tangible assets to take into account when developing a business continuity plan. For instance, have you ever thought about what would happen to your business in the event of data loss or a security breach?

Data is a valuable commodity and the protection of consumer and business information should be at the forefront of disaster recovery for any organisation. Sometimes data loss can be a result of genuine human error. Sometimes it can arise from an external malicious cyberattack which targets vulnerabilities in an IT system.

Either way, it is a business which may find itself picking up the pieces – not only in terms of potential lost revenue, but also in terms of damage to reputation and customer trust.

So how can a managed IT services provider help with business continuity planning?

Implementing a robust IT disaster recovery strategy inevitably forms a large part of modern continuity planning. That’s why it pays to choose the right IT partner and a managed IT services package to suit your precise business needs.

At MSV Consultancy, our approach is preventative and proactive. Our managed IT service ensures that software and security patches are up-to-date so that clients don’t have to worry about keeping one step ahead of potential cyber-attacks.

There are other benefits to working with us too:

  • Staff training to provide education about risky behaviour and to increase skills and knowledge
  • Access to expert IT staff offering remote or on-site support for stress-free troubleshooting
  • Full back up options and secure off-site data storage, for immediate access to backup data if required
  • Item level data recovery or full system recovery if needed
  • Regular testing of security and effectiveness
  • Fast recovery minimises downtime and ensures business keeps running even in the event of disaster
  • Cloud computing solutions allow businesses to continue operating from other devices or a different location

New clients can take advantage of a full free month’s trial of our managed IT services. For clients who then choose to sign up for a 12-month subscription, we are currently offering a further two months’ free service. To speak to us about any of our IT support services, contacting our expert teamHERE.