Ask any of our clients in the Wolverhampton motor trade and they’ll tell you that it pays to be prepared. Being ready to deal with whatever challenges arise, to always expect the unexpected, is a good way to conduct business. It means that organisations which have taken steps to get ready for the worst will be able to keep going even in the event of a disaster. An IT support company offering a managed IT service can play a big part in helping an organisation get back on its feet.

A continuity plan will help to identify possible threats and then establish what processes need to be put in place to help a business to recover if the worst should happen.

What are the potential threats to businesses in the motor trade?

For a company in the motor trade, there are certain scenarios (while hopefully never materialising) which every manager and business owner will have considered at some point. Fire, theft or disruption along the supply chain are events for which a contingency plan is a good idea.

However, there are other assets which should also be taken into consideration. While it might not seem like an immediately obvious and existential threat, data loss can have a devastating impact.

Data loss can sometimes be the result of genuine human error. Lack of training and risky staff behaviour can play a factor. It can also be the result of a malicious external cyberattack, such as the infamous WannaCry incident which deliberately targeted weaknesses in an ageing IT system.

Whatever the cause, customers don’t easily forgive or forget security breaches. The damage to reputation can be difficult to recover and motor trade businesses are as vulnerable to hacking as any other organisation.

Put simply, cyber-criminals want what you have – and that’s access to a considerable amount of consumer data and financial information.

So how can an IT support company help with business continuity planning in the motor trade?

Modern continuity planning should put IT, robust security and the ability to recover data at its heart. A managed IT service from Midlands based MSV Consultancy is proactive and preventative. We work with motor trade businesses across Wolverhampton and the surrounding areas, monitoring software and security so that our clients never have to worry about potential data theft.

We also provide cloud computing solutions – complete with iron-clad protection, of course – to allow staff to continue to work remotely or at different premises if, for any reason, there is a change to the physical location of a business.

Here are some other benefits of working with a trusted IT support company in Wolverhampton:

  • Software training to give staff confidence, skills and knowledge
  • Remote or on-site support for quick and easy troubleshooting
  • Proactive monitoring of security
  • Fast recovery to ensure minimal downtime
  • Auditing, planning and disaster recovery strategy to make sure a business keeps running even if the worst should happen
  • Cost-effective, fixed-price monthly subscription plans offer robust security at a fraction of the price of traditional IT solutions
  • Full back up options and secure off-site data storage, with immediate access to backup data if required
  • Item level data recovery or full system recovery

New motor trade clients in Wolverhampton can take advantage of a full free month’s trial of our managed IT services. For clients who then choose to sign up for a 12-month subscription, we are currently offering a further two months’ free service. To speak to us about any of our IT support services, click HERE or call our team on 0845 241 6370.