Cutting costs has been one important reason why businesses have historically chosen to outsource IT projects and IT project management. Using an outside team rather than recruit to an in-house position has been used as a money-saving measure – however, while it is true that outsourcing is good for the bottom line, it also offers many other benefits. If a plan is particularly complex or would potentially drain the limited resources of a tech department that is already stretched in terms of time and expertise, then it may be prudent to approach an external consultant. So, if you do, just what should your organisation be looking for when choosing an IT project management service?

Understanding of business culture and objectives

Applying a one-size-fits-all approach will not work when it comes to bespoke IT project management. Every business is different, with a set of different needs and objectives. Each organisation has evolved its own approach, outlook and culture, all of which must be considered when creating a tech strategy that’s truly fit for purpose.

One of the risks of appointing an external IT project management company is that a lack of understanding will result in expensive decisions that don’t meet the brief. Whether it’s a more efficient telecommunications and email system or a complete server and network system upgrade, when your business is putting its trust in an external provider, it’s important that everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet.

There are no easy shortcuts here. When projects are complex, difficult and part of a long-term vision, there will be meetings, planning sessions and extensive consultation. It’s also true to say that there is such a thing as being too remote. Just because an outsourced IT company isn’t on-site doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be available to attend strategy conferences, give input and insight, and be on hand to answer any questions.

An outsourced project management company should fit seamlessly into your business operations – just as if it was your very own IT department.

Follow best practice

Although planning is important, the right partner should be able to manage a project from strategy right through to implementation and offer ongoing support if required too. Large scale change may demand staff training and support. It may also mean that a team is available to troubleshoot any issues that could potentially arise so that there is no disruption to business operations.

To us, best practice is ongoing communication and absolute transparency from start to finish and beyond. We start with a thorough audit of what’s working and what could be improved, before making our recommendations based on what a company is hoping to achieve from its technology provision. Any rollout, big or small, is handled with care, and we don’t disappear as soon as deadline day arrives.

Oh, and because we don’t believe in hidden charges, there are no nasty surprises lurking in our invoices either.

An excellent track record on IT project management

If placing your trust in an external provider, you won’t want to take their word for it. Take a look at our own testimonials to discover more about our IT project management capabilities and find out how we can help your business to unlock the potential of tech.

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