In a competitive jobs’ market, staff increasingly expect more from their employers. Indeed, evidence suggests that a workplace culture that is positive and supportive is more likely to attract and retain the most talented people. Greater flexibility, improved work-life balance and teamwork are all cited as important factors in creating a healthy working environment. Conversely, poor communication and lack of collaboration are the hallmarks of a toxic organisation. So, how exactly can an IT project management service improve and enhance the experience of employees?

Why does workplace culture matter?

Creating a positive working environment isn’t just about keeping talented staff and boosting productivity (although these should be the top priorities of any manager). It informs every facet of an organisation and defines its personality, which in turn is reflected in its relationship with the outside world.

Consider a company which does not facilitate flexible working, suffers from poor internal communications and discourages or even silences collaboration. Employees may feel that they are not listened to or appreciated. There is widespread stress, a high staff turnover and an unwillingness to think creatively to solve a problem.

Now think about a business which actively supports flexibility and develops ways to find a better work-life balance. Staff may be able to work remotely. Good communication is key to making operations run smoothly. Teamwork and the sharing of ideas is expected and encouraged.

As a client, which sort of business would you prefer to deal with? Negative workplaces don’t just affect employees. A toxic culture can stunt the overall effectiveness of an organisation, its ability to find solutions and can ultimately determine the success of customer relationships.

Here’s where an IT project management service can help

At MSV Consultancy, we take on a variety of projects for businesses of all sizes across the Midlands and beyond. Our capabilities include bespoke software, infrastructure development and robust cybersecurity measures. However, our work often goes beyond providing a suite of (admittedly outstanding) products and services.

As consultants, when we’re approached by organisations who wish to improve internal communications and create a culture which is flexible yet still productive, we’re on hand to show how the power of technology can achieve exactly that. With this sort of project, a business may know what it wants to achieve, but isn’t sure how to reach its objectives.

That’s where an external consultant can help so with this in mind, here is just a small selection of what we can do to promote a healthy workplace culture.   

  • Cost-effective VoIP and cloud-based communications systems that allow seamless integration between office-based staff and handheld devices, allowing for far greater flexibility.
  • Secure and reliable video-conferencing solutions to promote collaboration between members of a mobile workforce.
  • A choice of software solutions to improve workflow and staff productivity.
  • Applications which allow real-time collaboration on documents, allowing teams to share ideas and provide input – wherever in the world they happen to be.
  • Instant messaging for quick decision making, without the need to have everybody in the same room at the same time.
  • Backup and storage for easy retrieval of communication threads, without the worry of data loss.

Our consulting services will show you ways to harness tech to improve communications, boost flexibility and increase productivity. To book a free IT audit, telephone 0845 241 6370 or email