As an early software tool for the storage of email data, there emerged a clear favourite among companies who understood the importance of creating a secure and searchable archive. By the early 2000s, Enterprise Vault became the undisputed leader when it came to email archiving and as a way to organise large volumes of data. The problem was that nobody could have anticipated how different the world was to become and many now feeltrapped in an Enterprise Vault with email archiving.

Shifting landscape

Fast forward to the present day and the IT landscape has shifted dramatically. Data storage is no longer limited to the already sizeable task of storing emails but can encompass web searches, mobile communications and instant messages.

Businesses are increasingly looking for more agile ways to work, save money and improve productivity. Cloud-based technologies allow employees to stay connected across different devices, wherever they happen to be. Set against this new climate, on-premises archiving systems are beginning to look increasingly antiquated, unable to keep pace with the rapid rate of change.

Then there is the sheer volume of data which has accumulated during the past 20 years. Even very small companies generate a vast amount of emails, files and attachments. If your company uses Enterprise Vault, you will have watched it become ever more bloated, until the point where it is straining at the seams.

Perhaps you have been forced to invest in more hardware to accommodate this growth. If so, you will be painfully aware that this cannot go on forever. Something has to give.

Benefits of using the cloud to archive email

Moving email archives to the cloud, rather than relying on expensive on-site archives offers many advantages:

  • No need to worry about buying more physical hardware to accommodate ever-growing data
  • Affordable and flexible
  • Improved scalability and functionality
  • Limitless, low-cost storage
  • Unlocks new approaches to working by allowing employees to stay connected – wherever they happen to be

With all this considered, why do so many companies persist with Enterprise Vault? What is the ‘trap’ that IT departments fall into?

Well for a start, migration of such a huge amount of data gathered over a long period of time can be a daunting prospect. Even with the clear cost-saving benefits offered by cloud-based solutions, the fear that there may be some initial data loss or that, during the transition, some users may not be able to access emails is a real concern.

Choose the right IT partner

Because it is not an easy task, any migration should be handled by a trusted and professional IT partner. At MSV Consultancy, we can advise you about setting up the migration of your email archive from Enterprise Vault to a cloud-based solution such as Office 365. Choose us to work with you and we can handle the whole project from start to finish, making it a hassle-free and seamless process for you and your employees.

Alternatively, if you are already using Office 365, we can make sure any email data you collect is stored securely and compliantly with new data protection regulations. Contact us to discuss your needs and we’ll be happy to talk about the different options available.