If you own a small business, chances are that you will be bombarded with IT tools full of promises to make life easier and growth inevitable. From collaboration software to project management apps, email archiving to data security, the sheer volume and scope of creating an IT system that is fit for purpose can be overwhelming.

Yet implementing these solutions, training employees on how to use new systems properly and then guarding against future problems is often anything but easy. That is because committing to unsuitable, unreliable IT services can be costly and time-consuming. A poor system quickly drains the resources of many enterprising SMBs.

It is important to get tech right and here’s why:

Poor IT systems cost money and stop business growth

Technology should allow small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow. IT that is not able to keep up with the pace of change is a real barrier to long-term scalability. While the rapid advancement made by the tech industry over the past decade has opened up unimagined opportunities for SMBs, others who have made poor decisions and invested in unwieldy IT systems have found themselves left behind.

Choosing a solution that is future-proof and with one eye firmly on scalability down the line is key.

Still, if you have limited resources this can be a problem. Maybe you are a solopreneur working from home. Perhaps you are a start-up and have quickly arrived at the decision that your time is much better spent in driving business rather than dedicating non-existent hours to updates, security and disaster recovery strategy. Possibly you are already a successful SMB and you are now ready to take the next step.

Whatever your situation, IT should operate as a support structure to help your business, not turn into an expensive headache. Managing downtime, ensuring compliance with new data collection regulations and protecting against cyber-attacks are – rightly – just some of the concerns which serious SMBs should be keen to address.

How a Managed Service Provider can benefit your business

Outsourcing your IT system to a trusted and experienced partner (a Managed Service Provider) has a number of benefits:

  • Affordable pricing means your business can plan a controlled IT budget, rather than letting costs spiral out of control
  • Proactive IT management means you don’t have to worry about risk, security updates and disaster recovery planning
  • Less downtime means reduced waste and more efficiency
  • Secure cloud-based solutions (rather than a costly on-site IT department) allows the creation of a solid, reliable and seamless infrastructure
  • Expert IT support will be able to focus on technology for now and tomorrow, ensuring your system is future-proof and scalable

Trusting the professionals allows SMBs to get on with what they do best – running a business, rather than letting IT become a hindrance If you are ready to turn your IT into an asset and not a costly risk to your business, contact us to discuss your needs and we will be happy to talk through our services.