I was messing about in my SCCM 2012 R2 lab earlier and thought I’d try to integrate the newest version of App-V which comes bundled as part of MDOP 2013. (You guys can get access to all of these goodies with an MSDN subscription :))Since SP1 SCCM 2012 has had the ability to stand in for the majority of a normally separate App-V 5 infrastructure (well, publishing, management and reporting roles specifically), but has always been a bit fiddly to implement.One of the main ‘fiddly’ bits of integration between the two products is that the App-V client is separate to the SCCM client and requires a number of pre-requisites, namely:-

Note – that these updates only apply to Windows 7! Windows 8 users only need the App-V client.After spending some time silencing the prereqs and linking them to the App-V client, I pushed the install to my Windows 7 VM and received the following error:-Upon checking the deployment node of my SCCM server I received an ‘Unknown Error’ for deployment, which wasn’t much help. SolutionI decided to add the switch for outputting to a log file for my App-V 5 SP1 installer to see what on earth was going on!Upon checking the log it emerged that Microsoft have added an extra requirement for the SP1 version over the standard App-V 5 client installer.- you have to accept the EULA for a silent install now!

appv_client_setup.exe /q /ACCEPTEULA /log %temp%\AppV5ClientInstall.log

 Hope this helps.Neil