To educate SMBs about cyber threats the Backup Heroes, here atMSV Consultancy has created a short animated video.

As a local IT consultancy we’re passionate about protecting businesses like yours from cyber criminals. To help we are giving SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) the tools to fight back so that your business is not unduly compromised in the event of a malware attack or ransomware demand.

Being prepared for cyber-attacks is now a business imperative and a collective responsibility.

We’re helping clients with attempted cyber-attacks from malware and ransomware on an almost daily basis. These attacks used to be random and speculative, but today they are targeted and sophisticated. Too many UK businesses are ill-prepared, providing easy pickings for cyber criminals.

Inadvertently businesses can download malicious software which uses encryption to hold their data for ransom. This can cost a company anything from £500 to £100,000 depending on its perceived ability to pay and the level to which it relies on information technology.

Since most firms process data to manage invoices, distribute orders and pay suppliers and employees, the impact can be very serious. Investing in an off-site, cloud-based backup service makes sound business sense, and can cost as little as £50 per month.

A malware attack can leave a business in limbo for days, and may take several weeks to fix. As well as data loss and the cost of staff being unable to work, businesses that fall prey to a serious breach can face a hefty fine from their regulatory body.

Here are some top tips to help you protect your valuable data:

1. Update all software regularly, including operating systems and applications

2. Back up data every day, including information on employee devices, so you can restore data in the event of a cyber-attack

3. Train staff about good data security practices

4. Implement a communication strategy to inform employees if the company’s network has been hacked

5. Devise an emergency response plan before an attack occurs

6. Work with your IT staff/support team to identify any system vulnerabilities

For advice about backup support and what to do if you receive a ransomware demand, talk to MSV’s technical team on 0845 241 6370 or email