Operatons manager out of the box allows for the detection of Virtual Machines and this detection can be used to build a group for Virtual Servers.   The only problem is that this is detection is only for Hyper-V, so what happens if you need to detect and group VMware VMs?Well the solution is pretty simple.Within the SCOM console, open the Authoring tab. Expand Management Pack objects and click on Attributes. Right click and select “Create a New Attribute” (This option is also on the right in the Actions menu).Give the Attribute a name such as “Detect VMWare Virtual Machine” and click Next.Keep the “Discovery Type” set to Registry.Click the “Browse” button to the right of “Target” and select “Windows Computer”.Assign an unsealed management pack for this attribute.  I would create a new one so that we can export if necessary but remember that anything else that you create that relies on this attribute will also go in this management pack. Click Next.On the “Choose a Discovery Method” screen, make sure the “Value” radio button is selected.For the path, just copy and paste in the following value which checks to see if the VMware integration tools are installedSYSTEM\ControlSet\Services\vmtools\imagepathLeave attribute type as “Check if Exists”.Now that I have the attribute saved I can easily create a group based on it so as to group all VMware Virtual Machines together by setting the enumeration to be True for the attribute.