Hi All,One of the new niceties that came with SCCM 2012 was the ability to add icons to applications created using the ‘Application’ delivery model (as opposed to the old method of ‘Packages’).This may seem confusing at first, but the draw here is that users see the familiar icon they are used to alongside the description when using Software Center to request installs, repairs etc.The point at which you can select the icon for an application is shown below:-

The confusing part here is that even though the wizard says that you can use “.exe” files for the icon source, it doesn’t actually show anything other than “.ico” files when you browse to it!

The solution Ignore what explorer says and type the name of the file (an executable in this example) into the box and hit OK!

As long as a usable icon exists in the file, you should get the option to select it in the next window.Once deployed, users will also now see this icon inside Software Center too!

No more needless increases of package sizes to accommodate icons, or trying to source suitable images from the internet!Enjoy. Neil