I have been working with a client lately that are used to Cisco voice and having a dedicated voice VLAN however when using Lync and Polycom Lync phones their voice VLAN was not being honoured. On searching around I found this solution which I will paraphrase below:In DHCP define a new vendor option (this is much the same way as we get Lync phones to sign in using option 43) that will point the phone to the desired Voice VLAN.Using the following commands on the DHCP server create the new options and assign there values:netsh dhcp server add class CPEOCPhone “VLAN tagging for the Microsoft Phone Devices” “CPE-OCPHONE” 1netsh dhcp server add optiondef 10 VoiceVLAN Word 0 Vendor=CPEOCPhone comment=”Phone VLAN”netsh dhcp server set optionvalue 10 Word vendor=CPEOCPhone “NumericVLANidForVoice”Once these settings have been made you will need to hard reboot all phones so that they pick up the new VLAN assignment. This can be achieved using the reset button on CX700’s or holding down * and # while powering on other devices and selecting reset.Once the phone has the correct VLAN you will only need the Lync DHCP options (once again option 43) in the DHCP scope that is servicing that VLAN, more on that here.