It seems that cyber security threats are on the news every day. Businesses are struggling to cope with the onslaught of threats posed by malicious hackers, with some notably high-profile cases in recent years. From phishing scams and ransomware to surreptitious keylogging, attacks come in many forms and the penalties for security breaches can be high. Meanwhile, genuine human error and accidental deletion of files can also result in data loss, posing a very real and present danger to business. Thankfully, a good IT managed service provider can implement measures to protect organisations from risk and guard against cyber security challenges.

What cyber security threats do businesses face?

Hacking is the most common method by which criminals gain access to an organisation’s system. Specialist software is used to infiltrate and take control of computer networks. Once a hacker has successfully ‘broken in’, they will then have a choice of potentially commercially sensitive data right at their fingertips – all of which can be sold on to fraudsters.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks involve flooding communications links with traffic from botnets so that users are unable to access an online service. Then there’s ransomware – a type of malware that locks devices and encrypts files. Cyber criminals usually demand payment in return for restoring the locked data.

There are other types of cyber security threat too. Internal data theft can be an issue among employees, while genuine human error and accidental deletion may also be a factor. Mistakes happen and a lack of education among staff can result in risky behaviour.

Data loss can certainly damage the reputation of a business, as well as posing a threat to day-to-day operations. What’s more, stringent data protection laws give authorities the power to impose hefty fines in the event of a breach.

Protect against threat with an IT managed service provider

At MSV Consultancy, we protect organisations using three key lines of defence:

Proactive monitoring of threats

Current and emerging risks are analysed, while systems are monitored and tested for vulnerabilities. Security updates and patches are managed so our clients never have to worry about staying ahead of the latest challenge to security.

Backup and disaster recovery

A safe and secure backup method, which can allow the restoration of a complete system or granular, line-by-line items, is the surest way to beat criminals. If the worst should happen, a business can restore information to a chosen point in time with minimal disruption.

Eliminating risky behaviour

Educating staff about the dangers of opening attachments and clicking on unverified links is one strategy, and we’re happy to provide training to support employees and increase skills. However, our high-level firewall and anti-virus software adds another layer of protection just in case.

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