More businesses than ever before are turning to a managed service provider as a way of outsourcing all or part of their tech provision. These companies recognise that technological advancements have created opportunities and want to harness the power of new developments, while also freeing staff from the day-to-day burden of running a time-consuming, labour-intensive computing system. An internal IT team may also have limited resources to cope with the rapid pace of change. Choosing the right tech partner to complement operations could be of real benefit – but what should organisations expect from a high-performing IT support service?

No fuss, no jargon

IT experts like to talk shop. They forget that some clients don’t want to hear about the weird and wonderful intricacies of complex technical specifications. Many clients just want an answer to a problem, and that’s absolutely fine by us. A high-performing IT support service should be able to explain the pros and cons of a particular solution, without fuss and without jargon.

Proactive approach

A good IT support service will step in and take care of problems as they arise. A truly outstanding provider will monitor systems behind the scenes, spotting potential issues so that businesses never even have to think about it. Our managed IT service offers a choice of proactive maintenance packages, and clients are assured that we are fully up-to-date with the latest security patches while staying ahead of new and emerging risks.

Regular reviews

A high-performing IT support service will welcome the opportunity for client feedback. Whether it’s by email, over the phone or face-to-face, discussion and communication is key when it comes to informing future planning. At MSV Consultancy, the review process is built into our managed service provision.

Collaboration and transparency

The best very IT service providers should work as an extension of your team. Instead of operating in secret, or imposing decisions that don’t fit in with your vision, they should listen to what you want to achieve and offer solutions to help meet your objectives. Planning together in this way means that IT is built for a company’s future – and isn’t merely a plaster to fix a short-term problem.

An IT support service that offers access to the very latest tech developments

Not all businesses are made the same way. That’s why an off-the-shelf solution doesn’t always work. Certain organisations may need bespoke data storage and information retrieval capabilities if, for example, these clients are governed by industry-specific regulations. Others may require a secure mobile network to allow staff to work flexibly and remotely.

A high-performing IT support service will have access to the very latest software and applications to help clients scale up or down according to changing need, using a wide portfolio of services to find exactly the right solution. That’s why the review and feedback process is fundamental to success, and it’s why we always encourage an open dialogue with our clients.

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