Businesses across the motor trade increasingly recognise what can be achieved with new technology. Cloud computing solutions allow employees to access information across devices, wherever in the world they happen to be. Data can be shared with customers in real-time, with slick, fast and reliable communications creating ever greater efficiency and flexibility. However, it is also true that as computing networks become more complex, time-poor, on-site IT departments can find it difficult to keep pace with rapid change without incurring substantial costs. For motor trade organisations who want access to the latest developments and keep IT budgets under control, outsourced managed services could be the answer.

What can managed services offer to businesses in the motor trade?

More businesses are choosing to outsource all or some of their IT functions rather than rely on an in-house tech team. However, unlike ad-hoc support, where an external IT specialist may be brought in to resolve issues as they arise, managed IT services will typically be on hand to provide ongoing help in exchange for a monthly subscription. There are usually different levels of service agreement available, so it’s always advisable to check the small print about what exactly is on offer.

A managed services company may maintain a suite of software applications, provide telecommunications and security solutions or even offer full consultancy and business planning. (For example, at MSV Consultancy, we’ve worked with a number of motor trade clients in Wolverhampton and the surrounding areas and understand that each customer has very different needs. We can tailor a managed services subscription according to suit individual requirements, and our customers are happy with a fixed-price, monthly cost).

Short-term and long-term business objectives

Whatever stage of the journey your organisation happens to be on or whatever the size of your company, a good managed services provider works alongside you to achieve your goals.

Fixing the monthly outlay on IT at an affordable level is certainly attractive to many businesses. Still, there are other advantages too. Too often tech is seen as a necessary evil. We think of it differently. Find the right solution and it can create new opportunities. It can transform the way you work and revolutionise customer communication, leading to better retention rates and increased loyalty.

Having ongoing access to IT expertise can unlock the rich potential of tech. Rather than seeing the IT helpdesk as a team of ‘troubleshooters’ who only step in to patch up problems (although they should be on call to do that too) establishing a relationship with the right partner can support you in reaching your vision.

Do you need to expand to another site but don’t want to spend a fortune on telecommunications? Do you need better security and robust backup when it comes to protecting customers’ financial information? Do you spend too much on outdated technology? A (good) managed services provider is not only there to solve the problems of today but will implement the right IT solution to support the way your business will look tomorrow.

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