So you try to mount an ISO in the VMM library with the shared option and get the following error:[error]Error (12700) VMM cannot complete the host operation on the (SERVER FQDN) server because of the error: ‘VMName’ failed to add device ‘Virtual CD/DVD Disk’. (Virtual machine ID GUID)Failed to open attachment ‘(Library path to the ISO)’. Error: ‘The specified server cannot perform the requested operation.’.
Unknown error (0x8000)
[/error]The fix is very simple, just configure constrained delegation for a Hyper-V host for the VMM computer account.
In Administrative Tools, open Active Directory Users and Computers, and then navigate to the machine account for the computer running Hyper-V.Right-click the computer account for the Hyper-V host, and then click Properties.
On the Delegation tab, click Select this computer for delegation to specified services only, and then click Use any authentication protocol.
To allow the Hyper-V computer account to present delegated credentials for the library servers:Click Add.
In the Add Services dialog box, click Users or Computers, select each VMM library server that stores ISO image files, and then click OK.
In the Available services list, select the cifs protocol (also known as the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol) for each of the VMM library servers, and then click Add.