We recently installed a fresh build of Configuration Manager in house due to the release of the long-awaited Service Pack 1 for the System Center suite which added support for SQL 2012 and Windows Server 2012. The configuration was going fine up until the point at which we tried to update the primary distribution point with some packages and received a failure message in the monitoring tab, specifically:[error]Distribution Manager failed to find or create the defined share or volume on distribution[/error]Upon checking distmgr.log to further investigate the problem, it was filled with error messages:[error]Failed to set share security on share \\FQDNOFSERVER\SMSSIG$. Error = 5Failed to set access security on share SMSSIG$ on server FQDNOFSERVER[/error]As the error messages related to permissions all default permissions were checked and confirmed as correct, the distribution point was removed and reapplied and the site was reset but to no avail. In addition, no error messages were being posted in event log. Upon doing some additional reading we discovered the following technet post which pointed us in the right direction (http://goo.gl/s9YBo). It turns out that if you have set your Site System Installation Account to anything other than the Site Server Computer Account then you will get these strange access errors. To resolve – change the account back to the site server’s computer account and restart the SMS_EXECUTIVE service.