Cloud Services


Cloud computing is a term used to describe IT services that are provided by a third-party on the internet.

The benefits to these 'cloud services' are many:-

  • Predictable, guaranteed uptime of services
  • Scalable platform - increase/decrease usage at will
  • Pay only for what you need - if requirements change, then so too can the subscription

The transition to using some of these cloud services can be difficult to set up and manage, particularly if they are brand new to your organisation.

MSV consultants have implemented many cloud oriented services and can help your business take advantage of the cloud.

Some of what we do:

  • Microsoft Office 365 - Full Cloud/Hybrid
  • Microsoft Intune - Standalone/Integration with SCCM
  • Internet Filtering Solutions - Proxy Content, Email & Spam
  • Azure-based Active Directory
  • Bespoke Hosted Solutions


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